Encouraging the Ghanaian government to raise fuel standards

The Challenge

Lowering sulphur levels in fuel is an important part of the solution for cleaner air worldwide. Our fuel always complies with the sulphur limits set by governments, but sometimes even this standard is not as high as we aim for.

The Challenge

What We Did

We engaged with transport ministers, government representatives and wider bodies in Ghana to support their transition to cleaner fuel. We were then able to become the first company to import high-quality, low-sulphur fuel (50ppm) to Ghana, using the cleaner fuel storage facilities we’d created in Temar and Takoradi.

What We Did


Puma Energy is at the forefront of introducing a cleaner fuels portfolio in Africa. We’re committed to investing and educating governments as part of the wider effort to improve air quality across the continent. We’re also committed to helping new and existing clients transition to lower impact solutions – providing them with information and support, while constantly reviewing and enhancing our own equipment and policies as part of this process.

Both barges offer approximately 6.0 kt of storage and are regularly replenished by deliveries from larger vessels in the Puma Energy fleet.

Due to a highly configurable tankage, a wide range of bitumen grades can be offered to customers through on-board blending, as well as by supplying components from shore to achieve more specialist grades.

Through the process of continuous improvement adopted at all Puma Energy facilities, the efficiency and capability of our barges has improved, with the facility now capable of holding in excess of 100 kt p.a. The road loading gantries are directly scalable, as is the size of vessel used for storage.




The bitumen barges in Cardiff are a clear example of Puma Energy’s customer focus, flexibility and rapid processes.

The cost saving on reduced freight due to our integrated global supply chain and improved operation enable Puma Energy to always supply the highest quality product at a truly market competitive price. We have been able to obtain more than 75% of the market in the South West region in the two years since operations began.

We’ve been operating in Ghana since 2006 – it’s now one of our key midstream locations. We’re proud to have been the first company to supply low-sulphur fuel in the country.

Sidy Bane Co-Chief Operating Officer, Africa Region


At Puma Energy, we’re taking action and actively encourage and support governments to do the same.

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